Bag and Box Stamp

Here you can view our bag and box stamp. The bag and box stamp is made with the highest quality materials and are great prices. Customers can simply choose the stamp they require and follow the simple steps in to purchase it online. We have many options available to customise your stamp. Our swing stamps are very unique to each of our customers and therefore are available to customise fully. Finally, if you have any problems using the site just give us a call. We’ll be happy to help.

The bag and box stamp comes as a set which includes the very large metal stamp, the ink pad and bottle of ink required. If you are cafe, bar or restaurant we’ll even throw in a free loyalty stamp with your logo. This kit is perfect for people who want to print their logo on bags and boxes for a fraction of the price of expensive print jobs. You just order the bags as you need them and print as you go, saving you on space too.

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