Introducing Colop’s new swing stamp. This stamps functionality knows no bounds as it can be used across a number of different applications and industries. The stamp is perfect for stamping bags and boxes so that your brand is prominently displayed for a fraction of the cost of a big print job. The stamp itself is made from metal and is very robust and gives a very clear impression to the surface you are stamping on. The ink required for the Top Pad depends on the surface you are stamping on to, you can stamp on to wood, metal, textile, plastic, glass and paper. Be sure to specify the material you are stamping on to when ordering so we can advise on the most suitable ink.

The swing stamp comes in a package which includes the stamp, the ink pad and the bottle of ink for the pad. The package come in two different sizes,

1) Swing stamp 140mm x 200mm, Top Pad 160mm 220mm and 50ml bottle of ink – €123.

2) Swing stamp 200mm x 260mm, Top Pad 240mm x 310mm and 100ml bottle of ink – €184.50.