What is a branding iron?

A branding iron is an electonic or manual tool which is used to mark or burn an image in to a particular surface or object. Mostly people will use them for branding wood and leather but also food like steak and brioche buns. This makes them quite a diverse product in terms of their use. There are any different types and in reality they all differ depending on what you need them for. The most popular type of iron is the electronic version. It is plugged in to the mains and after some time it heats up to several hundred degrees.

What are the benefits of a branding iron?

These irons for branding are an incredible tool for getting your brand out to the public in a creative format. Whether you are a local carpenter/wood worker or making things with leather, this is the perfect finishing touch to your product. People in the restaurant trade have turned to using them in recent years for branding steak, burgers, brioche buns and other food items they sell in their establishment. With recent trends in promoting your brand on Instagram and other social media outlets, a branded burger or steak is likely to get lots of likes and shares. You can read a bit more about the history of these amazing products by visiting this wikipedia page

Safety Advice For Using a Branding Iron:

  • The branding iron brass head and shaft heats up to temperatures over hundreds of degrees.
  • Make sure when using the electronic branding iron to keep away from water.
  • Do not let children near this product.
  • Do not leave unattended if plugged in.
  • Use the special heat tolerate gloves if possible.
  • Clean the brass head after use.