Checked Teacher Stamp


  • The Checked Teacher Stamp is great for teachers stamping pupils work.
  • The imprint is 14mm x 38mm.
  • Ink pads can be replaced when empty.
  • You can order other stamps in the set also.

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The Checked Teacher Stamp is great for teachers in school who want to stamp students homework. It can be used along with the other teacher stamps to mark students work and therefore is great for teachers and students alike. This stamp has an imprint size of 14mm x 38mm. You can easily store the stamp in your office desk, pocket or bag. The Checked Teacher Stamp is equipped with practical technical features like e.g. a locking system.

  • It is available with a transparent base for perfect imprint alignment.
  • Innovative frame concept with guidance mechanism for high quality performance and smooth movement.
  • Up to 10 % less volume than comparable products.
  • The Checked Teacher Stamp has rubber grips on the feet so the stamp doesn’t slide when printing..
  • Great stamp for address, teachers, industry, administration etc.
  • Ink pads for the Checked Teacher Stamp are easily replaced, watch this video to find out how.

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