Rubber Stamp Ink pad Micro 2 red, 70 x 110mm


The Stamp pad Micro 2 is ideal for office and business applications, where a typical hand stamp is used. This micro stamp pad has an integrated cover to be kept clean and to preserve its lifespan. Utilising a water-baser document-proof ink, that conforms to DIN ISO 14145-2, the ink pad is made from robust plastics and will withstand many repeated stamping every day. The re-inking pad will reproduce clear text, making it perfect for a stamp that is used for a company name and address, for instance. Sized 70 x 110 mm, the stamps that can be used with the pad are suited to all sorts of office applications, including imprints on client files and records as well as all manner of project documents. The product has a modern design with a snap shut lid and will look smart in any office environment.

  • Document proof according to DIN ISO 14145-2
  • Safety standard for toys according to EN 71
  • Available in 5 attractive colours (black, blue, red, violet, green),
  • COLOP Micro Pads are also available in two other sizes
  • The red ink is a typical signal colour and thus very popular.
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Firstly, the rubber stamp ink pad Micro 2 is ideal to be used with a rubber stamp. This micro stamp pad has a cover which keeps it clean and prevents evaporation. The rubber stamp ink pad is suitable for a water based ink. This ink pad is made from amazing quality plastics which will therefore be suitable for heavy use. It is available in five colour choices black, blue, red, violet and green. If you re-ink the pad regularly it gives the best chance of the image being perfect. The ink pad size is 70 mm x 110 mm. Likewise, this size is suitable for many different size rubber stamps. The product has a modern design with a snap shut lid and will look smart in any office environment. Finally, you can view even more Colop products by visiting here.

Using the Ink pad:

  • Remove the ink pad from the cardboard box.
  • Open the ink pad top, don’t leave it open for too long due to evaporation.
  • Get your rubber stamp and place firmly on the pad so that it soaks up the ink.
  • Stamp your rubber stamp on desired surface.
  • Close the lid of the ink pad and store in a clean dry place.

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